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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A letter to my 1st grader

Dear Little G.

Are you ready to tackle all that 1st grade has to offer?  There will be homework.  There will be reading and there will be math.

You may even have to sing in music class instead of just faking it.

I loved that you were both excited and nervous at the start of this year.  I think you are going to do just fine.  I am really looking forward to hearing you read to me again.  Don't tell your teacher, but I kind of let you slack off on that a little this summer.

You had a way of looking at me and convincing me that we were both on vacation.

I am excited to be taking just you to school this year.  It will give us a little extra one on one time in the morning.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you make a few more friends this year.  Some of your good buddies are in different classes this year and you are going to have to break out of your shell a little and talk to someone new.

Here's hoping for a great year, filled with firsts!



3 random thoughts:

Becca said...

AWe! That is so sweet. Love these little letters!

Jenners said...

Can I copy this and give it to my own first grader? I'm excited but nervous for him ... I think it is going to be a big change from kindergarten!

septembermom said...

He may still try to fake that singing in music class. LOL. You should see my boys :) What a cute letter to your handsome guy.

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