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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pictures, pictures, I'm being overrun by pictures!

I need some help! I (okay mostly my computer) am being overrun by photos. We have a large storage drive, but I went digital in 2004 and all of these photos are still on my computer.

Here's where you come in...can you tell me how you store your photos? Do you still have them on your computer? Do you burn them to CD and keep them there? Do you put them on an online storage facility like Shutterfly or Flickr?

Right now mine are categorized by year, month, and activity. For example if you asked me what I did in 2004 in May I could pull up a picture of a trip to my mother's in VA when we took the kid to the National Zoo.

The real question is are you ever going to ask me what I did in May 2004? Do I need to have these on my computer?

I have them burned to CD, but I'm fearful of just having them on a CD, what if something happened to them. Bear in mind that I would lose my mind if I lost all of middle G's 5th birthday party photos especially if I hadn't even scrapped them yet.

Don't laugh, but I'm just about to start scrappin' 2007. Technically, I could move 04-06 off the computer and keep them just on CD. Do you think a flash drive would be better? I also have them online just in case everything crashes....

Based on this post, I think I should join digital photo taking anonymous. I'm having some serious issues.

What do you do with your photos? How long do you keep them? Where do you have them stored?

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Marcie said...

I actually store mine 2 ways...just in case. I back them on a CD but I also put them on one of those memory sticks. on the CDs they are divided in order but on the stick all files are just backed up every month or 2 and then I keep the stick in my jewlery box. Ive actually considered buting a stick in a saftety deposit box just in case anything like a fire happened, but havent gotten around to it. You can get the sticks (8 GB) at wall mart for $20.

Angela said...

I don't know what to tell you b/c besides the fact that I burned my pics onto a CD plus store them at Snapfish, I just can't bring myself to delete them!! I think I will also do a flash drive! I can't imagine losing them. Maybe I'll put the cds and flash drive in a Safe Deposit Box at the bank!

Staci said...

We have ALL of our photos in 2 places. Just in case one fails. We have them on an external hard drive and on a desktop computer that has a huge amount of storage. We use the desktop mainly for photos and editing since it has a nicer screen. I really don't know what I would do if I lost any of our photos.

InkHearts said...

Ok, my internal computer geek is going crazy, so bear with me while I get up on my soapbox...
A better option than a flash drive is an external hard drive. You can get these at any computer store or even Walmart. You can use it to back up your entire system, too. That way, if your HD ever crashes or you have some other catastrophic computer failure, you will have a backup to restore your system. Ideally, you should backup your system once a month. This external drive is the perfect place to store your extra photos, as it would be totally portable and usually attaches with just a USB cord.
Whew! Glad to get that out!

Tammy said...

All of my pictures are on an external hard drive that I have just for pictures. Then I subscribe to an online back up service ( and back up all of my pictures to that. I used to back up to CDs, but I just had too many after awhile. And actually the back up service backs up my whole computer not just pictures for $5 a month.

Jenners said...

We burn them all on CDs and archive them on a hard drive. The CDs are kept in a waterproof, fireproof safe. But we are totally overrun with photos and I was just talking to my husband that we need to sort through them and only keep the ones that are actually worth saving. I think one of the perils of digital photos is that you can take TOO many. I mean, we went to NYC for 24 hours and my husband took 1800 photos. Way way way too many ... at least 1200 of these can probably be deleted. I'm just waiting for the computer to be all filled up one day.

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