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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Writer's Workshop - Before I was a mom

Playing along with Mama Kat and this week's prompts were all great.

I decided on the one entitled Before I was a mom...

  • I knew what it felt like to be bored.
  • I was certain that being pregnant would be easy.
  • I was adamant that my toddler would never, under any circumstances, use a pacifier. (All three of my kids sucked on them until they were ***gasp*** three)
  • I never yelled in public.
  • I knew what it felt like to sleep in.
  • I thought potty training would be a simple process.
  • I knew my child would love me and therefore do exactly what I asked immediately.
  • I was positive that I would never say things like..."Because I said so"...."Don't roll your eyes at me"..."Is that really a nice tone to take with your mother?"
  • Under no circumstances would I ever want my child to just leave me alone.
  • I wouldn't have even considered skipping pages in a book while reading to my non-reader just to make bed time come sooner.
  • I was certain I would cry the first day of school and not the last day of school.
  • I was certain my child would know their alphabet, be able to tie their shoes and write their name BEFORE they started kindergarten. 1 out of 3 ain't bad.
  • Before I was a mom, I never knew unconditional love.
  • I never had a newborn look at me like I was the most amazing person they had ever laid eyes on.
  • I rarely received butterfly kisses on my nose.
  • I didn't know what it was like to have a tiny hand long to hold mine.
  • I didn't know how fun giving piggyback rides could be.
  • No one ever argued over who got to brush my hair.
  • I never felt truly complete.

2 random thoughts:

Gina said...

Love this. So true!

Jenners said...

Such a great mix of humor and truth! Loved it!

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