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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Update: Wii Won!

Middle G. has been staying after school two days a week for the last month for "running club". About 35 third graders signed up for the adventure with the intent of running the Dollars for Scholars fundraising 5K at the end of the month.

I'm not sure Middle G. realized how far a 5K really is. (It's just over 3 miles) But I'm so proud to report that she finished and her time wasn't half bad.

Here she is crossing the finish line at 46:04. It was a super fun time and I worried needlessly that she would get lost in the neighborhood and not find her way back to the high school, but she proved to me that she is more than capable.

Here's the team with the Mayor's Cup. This is the trophy award to the team with the most school spirit/participants. As you can tell, it was just as exciting to them as the Stanley Cup.

In other exciting news: As part of the fundraiser, the school district sold raffle tickets. The prizes were really cool this year so I couldn't resist throwing my name into the hat. I bought $10 worth of tickets and we ended up winning a Wii.
The kids are beside themselves with excitement.
(I am too.)

4 random thoughts:

Jenners said...

So cool ... I'm beyond impressed with Middle G .. I could not do that. And then to win a Wii!! Awesome! It is a very fun system that everyone can play together.

And if you somehow end up playing New Super Mario Brothers Wii, I'm here to tell you to collect your star coins as you go ... don't wait until the end!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo to her! and woot woot to the wii ;)

Gina said...

Our school is doing a similar program next year and I signed up to coach the spring session. I can't wait!

Becca said...

NO WAY! That is super exciting that y'all won a Wii!!! I second Jenners warning about collecting the stay coins. SO NOT fun to have to go back through the whole game.

WAY TO GO MIDDLE G!! I bet you are so proud of her! I couldn't do it.

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