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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prayers for my friend

As I type this my neighbor and good friend, R, is in surgery.
Two weeks ago we were at the beach.
Life has a tendency to throw you a curve ball when you least expect it.
Her liver enzymes are skyrocketing and no one seems to know why.
Her gall bladder is malfunctioning.
She is in a lot of pain and not feeling at all like herself. She has three boys under 9 and a husband that leans on her for pretty much everything.
The docs are taking her gall bladder out today in hopes that this will help with her pain as well as whatever may be going on with her liver.
Prayers for a quick recovery are requested.

7 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...


Gina said...

Prayers and positive visualization coming her way!

Janis Lewis said...

You know I'm praying right now! Thanks for letting us know. Keep us updated. :) Janis

Jenners said...

How frightening!! I pray she gets well and recovers fully very very soon.

Scattered Scrapper said...

Prayers are on their way!

Becca said...

I hope that everything goes well and that she no longer experiences any pain!

septembermom said...

I'll pray for your friend's quick recovery.

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