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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Betty White

Betty White: Still hillarious at 80.

4 random thoughts:

SparkleFarkle said...

Ten thousand hundred zillion-billion cheers for Miss Betty White! So beautiful, inside and out and upside and down-- is there even a funnier lady?! I loved her as the devious Sue Ann Nivens, but also remember delighting in her when I was a smitch and she was a near-regular guest celeb on the game show Password, where she met her husband, host (and my fellow Wisconsinite) Allen Ludden. Oh! Oh! Oh! If you haven't already, DO see Betty in the comedic horror film Lake Placid (late 90s?), where she steals every scene she's in as a seemingly sweet widow, who feeds her cow to-- WAIT! Just rent the movie-- it's a definite must-see (<--rentable)!

Anonymous said...

I actually think she might be even funnier now than before ;) luv her!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED that episode. I don't usually watch SNL, but it was Betty Freakin White!

septembermom said...

She's hilarious for sure! Loved it!

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