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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My new pedometer and how I'm kicking my 5th graders ASS!

I am addicted to this little DS game.

I talked about getting a pedometer in my New Year's resolution post mostly because I wanted to see just how much a lunch lady walks on a daily basis because it feels like A. LOT. Also I wanted to know why my ass was getting so much bigger if I was, indeed, walking more and more.

Personally, I think it's the french fries. LOL

Last weekend when we were in North Carolina my hubby found this.

I love it.

It comes with the game card and two of those do-hickies pictured. Those do-hickies are your pedometers. The cartridge comes with two but the game supports up to four. I'm still thinking about getting two more and making my hubby and my other daughter play along.

You pick your color pedometer, you turn on the game and you get to make a Mii. Come on you know you love that. You can even import a Mii from the Wii. You get to set your step goal and you get to play cool games with your steps like Walk around the World and Illuminate. The world one is full of really cool facts and the illuminate one counts all the steps you and your competitor took in one day and turns it in to electricity.

For example, on a really bad day where oldest and I didn't walk much at all because we were trapped in the car for 8 hours we had enough electricity for a pen light. But the other day when we both had over 10,000 steps we had enough to light a big city for a few minutes.

I know this sounds childish, but I am childish and this little game has me gearing to go every morning because I want to be more active than my 11 year old. Silly? Maybe. However, I'm averaging over 7,500 steps a day with one day last week where I walked over 13,000!

I think my butt is getting smaller already.

2 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

Check you out! That's awesome!!

Jenners said...

I thrive on competition too ... this might be worth checking out. Do you have to share the pedometer or did you buy two?

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