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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST: The Package

This episode was a little slow for me, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Many of our favorite lines of past episodes were revisited and that is something that always makes me smile.

It opens at the airport. Jin is being told that he can have his watch but not the $25,000 confiscated at customs. He needs to list it's purpose and fill out all the paperwork. This should be cake since he a) has no idea what it is for and b) cannot speak English.

I was sad to learn that Jin and Sun are not married in sideways world. They are, however, very much in love with each other. It was wonderful to see them together in this episode even if it was only short lived.

Soon Keemy shows up and things are no longer steamy. He has that effect on a room.

We learn from Keemy that the watch and the money are for him. That somehow Sun's father is involved with him and that this is his payoff. Jin must provide the money.

Sun says, "Don't fret. I have the money in my secret bank account. I will get it." Of couse, she say it in Korean and because the only person in the world who speaks both Korean and English on LOST is that crazy Russian guy and we had the pleasure of seeing his ugly mug again.

Russian guy takes Sun to the bank. She learns her account has been closed by her daddy. She is broke.

Keemy takes Jin to the restuarant where he ties him up with duct tape and tells him that the money and the watch were his payment to kill Jin. That he should know better than to get involved with the boss's daughter. "Some people just aren't meant to be together."

A line I believe Sawyer once said.

Jin, of course, is discovered by Sayid after he murders all the bad guys. He doesn't free him but gives him a knife and wishes him luck.

The Russian and Sun return to this unexpected chain of events. Russian and Jin argue, guns are fired but soon Jin comes out on top.

Sun is shot in the madness. Say it isn't so! "I'm pregnant," she announces. Next stop....Jack's hospital.

Meanwhile...back on the island.

Sun is tired of hearing Jack's droning and droning about Jacob and magic mirrors and talking to the dead. She just wants to find Jin and get the hell off this island.

Jack leaves and Flocke arrives.

He says he can take her to Jin. She flees and hits her head and is discovered by Ben.

Ben says he found her unconscious in the woods and that she can only speak Korean.

Ilana looks doubtful.

Ben says "Why don't you believe me?"

Ilana says, "Because you are speaking." LOL (one of my favorite lines of the episode)

Back in Flocke-ville, John returns to find his camp has been infiltrated by Sarah Palin and her husband. They have taken Jin.

He tells Sayid that they are going to go and get him back.

Meanwhile, Claire overhears Flocke talking about all the candidates names on the wall and how Kwon is still listed and we learn that he can't leave the island unless all the candidates come with him.

Claire wants to know if her name is there. We have issues with your craziness.

However, Flocke tells her that once everyone is on the plane he doesn't really care what happens to Kate or any of the others. "Whatever happens, happens." If you know what I mean....another famous LOST one liner.

Claire begins to plot her revenge.

Meanwhile back on the other other other island. Jin is locked in a cage and looking pissed. Whitmore finds out that Palin went after him because he was going to leave the camp. She wants to know about electromagnetic capabilities of the island. She has Dharma plans with Jin's name on them. Whitmore brings him Sun's camera and shows him pictures of his daughter.

I cried.

Whitmore visits Flocke down at the beach. He has those big smokey keep out pilars up. He says he doesn't have Jin. Flocke says the war is about to begin.

Whitmore tells Jin about a secret package and we all laughed because that was the episode title and it was important on the island and off. Jin says, "What's in it?" and Whitmore says, "Not what, who"

It's Desmond.

Of course, Sayid is in the water at the pier just in time to learn this information as well.

2 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way , slow but good.....i still have a hard time hard time believing desmund played jesus in the passion.

septembermom said...

These recaps are keeping me in the loop! I need them as an escape from job hunting. Ugh!

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