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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lost: Lighthouse

It became clear early on that this episode would focus mostly on Jack.

Just Jack....okay and Hurley and Jin and crazy Claire.  But mostly Jack.

Off the island we see Jack over scheduling himself and dealing with his mother who is slightly pissed off that Oceanic lost the body of her deceased husband.

Next we see Jack pic up his son, David (who looks to be about 12) and we are all like "say what" and then we are all like Maury Povich "Whose the mama?"

My guess is that Sarah, Jack's ex-wife, is the baby momma.

Turns our David and Jack don't really have much to say to each other and that he only visits once a month.  His relationship with David isn't much better than Jack's relationship with Christian.

Jack finds out that David is at an audition so he follows him.

While watching from the back Jack sees his son preform some seriously impressive classical piano playing and runs into Dogen, aka Mr. Miyagi.  He is there with his son and says something about the pressures they are under at such a young age.

"Before you know it they will be burning people with hot pokers and making pills out of poison.  They grow up so fast."

Jack can't make idle conversation with Dogen as he is certain he knows him from somewhere and makes a quick exit.

When David comes out he sneaks up on him and says "I brought pizza and you weren't there."  It is a tender moment when he tells him that he just wants to be a part of his life.  David rolls his eyes and says, "Fine, lets have pizza."

Back on the island, Hurley gets in touch with his sixth sense and hangs out with Jacob who give him some cliff notes and tells him to do him a favor.

"Someone is trying to find the island and you need to help him.  But you must bring Jack along."

So Hurley, who continues to be the nicest guy on the show no matter what timeline, goes to get Jack and Jack says something about not really wanting to hang out with him and Hurley says, "you have what it takes."

Jacks decides he wants to go so he can kick Jacobs ass.

Jack and Hurley find a lighthouse that has a wheel and some mirrors and a big chain hanging at the top.  It's quite the contraction complete with more candidate names and numbers and Jack stops at his name and sees his house.  It's all a little over the top and dramatic and gets even worse when Jack gets all Jackie Chan and smashes everything to bits.

Hurley's all "great Jack, great.  Mission not complete."

Jacob comes back after the tirade and says, "No worries that's what I thought would happen."

Meanwhile, infected Claire, who is having a really bad hair day, frees Jin and captures one of the extras.  We figure he is pretty much a goner because we have no idea what his name is.

Claire gets all domestic and fixes up Jin's shin which looks a little like uncooked chicken.  He thinks her cognitive ability must be a little low because of her three year solo jungle adventure.  She says, "I'm not alone I have this fake baby and a dear friend who visits now and again to remind me that those crazy temple people took my baby."

Jin all like "Who took your baby?'
Claire's all like "They tooka my baby, those temple people tooka my baby."

She then demands the extra tell her where he is or die and Jin is like don't kill him remember you gave Aaron to Kate.  Clairetakes an ax to the extra's chest.



Claire than says something like "I'd do that to Kate if I found out she took Aaron" and the audience got a little excited (or at least I did).

Claire's friend Flocke shows up and says, "I love what you've done to your hair.  Did I miss anything?"

The 10 seconds I saw of next week's episode looks awesome.  f you have a review up, let me know.  I'd love to read it.

3 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

this one was my fav so far.....but Ive always liked Jack...the lighthouse scenes were he saw his house and realized he had been watched his entire life......oh it's getting good;)

septembermom said...

You're keeping me interested...

Juju at Tales of said...

I'm not sure it was Sara (the mom). 'Cause didn't he meet Sara when she was involved in an accident only a couple years before?

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