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Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Update: a little bit of this, a lot of that.

Friday started out a little crazy and the theme just carried over all throughout our weekend. I woke up to the phone ringing at 6:55 a.m. on Friday. It was the head cook I work for informing me she was sick and wouldn't be in. Something that doesn't happen very often as she has approximately 274 accumulated sick days and no I'm not making that up.

At 7:10 I realized that little G and Big G both have fevers again.

Hubby volunteered to stay home with them and take them to the doctors. They were fighting fevers on and off all week as well as coughs.

Oldest has pneumonia, youngest is getting better.

I had to figure out how to feed 200 + kids without enough pizza. I burnt my arm on the oven and our sub said the same thing over and over again. Fun times.

Kids are on the mend and my dog (who always looks so happy) loves my Santa hat. Thought I'd share this pic.

Saturday we had breakfast with Santa tickets at oldest's school. She begged to go and since we already paid for it and since you can't really "give" someone pneumonia we decided to go. I'm pretty sure this means we won't be winning that coveted parents of the year award. Though I'm doubtful we were still in the running anyway.

To further prove that my kids aren't even the slightest bit sick, we took them to my husband's work holiday party. It was specifically for the kids and at a local roller skating rink. Youngest and Middle have never been on skates so it was quite a work out holding them up. I told hubby not to get skates, but he didn't listen and took a couple of spills I wish I would have gotten on video.

And just to prove that you can't do too much stuff in one day, youngest was invited to a Cookie Baking party by a little girl in his kindergarten class. Her mom pulled out all the stops. The kids made four different kinds of cookies. They each took turns putting in different ingredients. It was a nice event. At the end, they took home a handful of each of the cookies.

It was much warmer at the cookie party than the skating rink that reached a comfortable -12 degrees by lunch time. Seriously, it was freezing in there.

Sunday I should have rested but alas I went to Sunday School, Church and shopping. The good news: I am pretty much done. Need a few stocking stuffers and I need to get busy wrapping, but most of the list is checked off.

What did you do this weekend?

5 random thoughts:

Becca said...

A cookie baking party? What a neat idea, it sounds like so much fun! I wish you would have gotten your hubs on skates, men think they can do it all! LOL! I hope the kiddos all start feeling better soon!

T Rex Mom said...

I hope everyone is one the mend. Be well.

I cannot believe that mom had the kids make 4 different kinds of cookies - amazing!

Feeding 200 kids - WOW!

At least the shopping is done!

septembermom said...

4 different kinds of cookies? That's an achievement with kids. Glad that the kids are feeling better. Your husband probably wants to hide from skates for a while. Glad to hear that your shopping is done. I have way too much to still do. Love that handsome doggie photo.

Steven Anthony said...

wow...soundas like a crazy times (lol, sorry I had to say it)

Jenners said...

Yikes ... keep that schedule and you'll all be sick for the holidays.

Love the dog in the Santa hat!

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