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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things I learned in the Cafeteria

Today was my last day in the school kitchen until January 4th! I'm giddy about this vacation even if I have to share it with my kids. LOL
This week I learned:
  • The Joys of Pajama Day. That's right...I got to wear my pajamas to work today. Jealous much?
  • That, for the most part, I work with some really nice, amazing people.
  • The closer it gets to Christmas the more out of control the kiddos become. It's like a drug.
  • That I really do believe in Santa Claus.
  • That parents seldom read the menu, let alone any changes you make to it.

What did you learn at work/home this week?

4 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I wear my pjs to work everyday....but I work from home, lol

merry christmas my friend

Dan said...

I learned we will probably get a grant - my first one I applied for.

I also posted the story of why Santa is running slow this year. {*grin*}

BTW, did you find your poem? I tweeted at you with the one that I think you might have had in mind.

Jenners said...

Did you wear sexy pajamas or something more practical for any gravy that might spill on it?

Poolside with the Girls said...

I think the candy they dole out at school doesn't help either with the kids.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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