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Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday High Five-holiday preperation addition

It's time for Friday High Five where you can gather your thoughts into five random things and post.

It's easy.

You can do it.

Today I'm trying to wrap my head around all of the stuff I need to accomplish in the next 20 days! That's right. Christmas is right around the corner and what have you done?

I have minimal shopping completed and not a thing wrapped. Here's what I would like to check off my list for the weekend.

  1. Decorate. We have outside lights up but that's it. No tree. No decorations. Nothing. The outside of my house looks festive, the inside of my house looks like February.
  2. Write my newsletter. Mock me if you must, but I write a family newsletter. Yep. I'm that person. The one who sends you the cheeky letter every year. Except mine is in the form of a newspaper page and it tells it like it is instead of pretends how rosey things are. This year it will include a Cafeteria Corner section and a tribute to the grandparents I lost this year.
  3. Use my Kohl's cash. I have $80 in Kohl's cash that expires on Monday. Hello. We can't let that happen.
  4. Finish up Teacher presents: Every year I make Thank You cards for the teachers at Christmas. I figure it works to ways. It says thanks for putting up with my kid on a regular basis and it allows them to thank everyone else for their stupid gifts.
  5. Holiday Names: Every year we participate in a Christmas Cheer program that provides gifts for some needy kids in our school district. I always buy for three kids and try to involve my three. Those gifts need to be turned into my school district by the 14th and I'd really like to finish them up.

Let's not even talk about wrapping....

What do you have planned this weekend?

5 random thoughts:

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

This weekend is Caitlyns second birthday so my plans are just to survive the 20 plus people that are descending upon my house for this happy occasion! I need to finish the goodie bags, the pinata and cook the food!

septembermom said...

You can get it done! I think you're Wonder Woman in disguise. I'll be glad if I can manage to get my tree up soon!! The kids are nagging me. I love getting those family newsletters. I wish I could actually write one some year. My family would probably be shocked that I was that organized for Christmas :)

Good luck with everything!!

Anonymous said...

I always new you rocked, number fivew just proves it;)

happy holidays

Jenners said...

You can do it ... and DO NOT waste that Kohl's cash .. no matter how busy it is.

And I LOVE holiday newsletters. Love 'em!

Enfys said...

Well, I went to joannes and bought a ton of christmas tree ornaments for Alex, who said she is having her first ever tree, she is in an apartment in the centre of London, so when I get there laden with these things, it will probably be a twig in a pot!!!
You'll get it all done, we all always do....
En xxx

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