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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post It Note Tuesday - what do you have to say?

It's time for Post It Note Tuesday...R U playing along? If not, why's soo much fun!

Yep, it's true. A little kindergartner tossed his cookies right onto his lunch tray today. Ugh. It totally made me loose my appetite.

Such and easy clean up (minus the vomit). No gravy. No corn. Just sandwiches and tater tots. Gotta love that.

A great plan concocted by my neighbors and I. No kids allowed in the wagon. Only alcoholic beverages. I highly recommend this.

My dad drove 3 hours one way to spend six hours at my house. He went to the soccer game at which his wife complained about the weather and it was beautiful but windy. Then he sat on my couch and watched football while his three grandchildren trick or treated without him. He left at 7:30 p.m. before oldest even got back from TorTing?
Wrong? You bet your ass it is. They're only little once.

10 random thoughts:

Loni said...

Well we used a wagon on Halloween to tote around our 1 year old (no walking yet) but maybe he could have held the alcoholic beverages, that would have been GREAT! :-)

septembermom said...

Vomit and lunch trays, not a great sight. Love your post it Tuesdays.

Anonymous said...

beer in wagon.....BRILLAINT!

Dan said...

Would it have been better to watch USC or ...? I always figured grandpa's get a pass since they already raised mom or dad and all those aunts and uncles. Their only duty is to spoil the grandkids rotten from time to time. {*grin*}

kys said...

I just don't understand grandparents. I have a friend whose in-laws (and her mother) do that kind of crap, too. And don't get me started on my kids' granparents. What is wrong with them?

SupahMommy said...


SHOULDA stayed home


xoxox supah

Amber said...

awesome idea for the wagon!

SparkleFarkle said...

I gotta agree with you, if there be vomit, make it contained. And while we're on the subject of bodily functions, I'm sorry your dad was such a poop. Make that Poop with a capital "P" and an empty roll of toilet paper to boot.

Enfys said...

That drink wagon was a bit inspired, did you dress up too? I love the way you always call your father's OH 'his wife' in your posts, such cutting contempt in two little words. Brilliant :)
En xx

Jenners said...

I tell you, your getting so much mileage out of this cafeteria job!

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