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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday High Five - what I have been working on this week

Help! I'm trapped in my craft room and I've made such a mess of the place that I can't find my way out! Only three more wreaths to go until I've made a dozen. There are cards drying all over the place. Stickles are setting, google eyes are drying. It's quite the scene.

Here are some of the completed and almost completed items.

This wreath features the Printing 101 cricut cartrides with characters from doodlecharms. I painted it green and wrapped it in red ribbon. There are some stickles on Santa and Rudolph but I'm not sure you can tell.

This one is so simple, but it has to be one of my favorites. This font is from cricut alphalious. It's painted red and wrapped in green polka dot ribbon that says Merry Christmas. I dotted the green card stock to match.

So far I made three of these paper ribbon wreaths. I really like how they look and I'm hoping to make three others with a different paper pack for a change in look. If I get them done I will post some pics.

Here are three of the semi-complete wreaths. The first one is done for the most part. The second red one will soon have three reindeer and a sleigh on it and the blue one is gonna be really cute and I may keep it for myself. It will have snowmen and snowflakes on it and say Let it Snow, which is also the sentiment on the ribbon wrapped around it.

Ugh, I can't get this card to turn but it matches the wreaths and says Merry Christmas on the inside.

This one is drying and I think I may add some stitching. Inside sentiment....Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Drying google eyes...these little guys are going to have a tag on them that says "Friendship warms the heart" or perhaps, "Let it Snow."

And in the midst of getting ready for this craft show, my mom calls me and asks if I'll make her friend 18 Thanksgiving invitations. Sure thing, I'm not busy AT ALL! Anyway, here's what I made tonight. They will be shipped out in the morning.

7 random thoughts:

kys said...

Those wreaths are really cute! I esp. like the paper ribbon one. And the penguins are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the third are awesome! very talented

septembermom said...

The wreaths and cards are adorable. You're so talented. How do you get it all done??

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh what fun you're having there!! Such a fun craft room! :)

Enfys said...

I love them all, you did a great job. When is your show? These should sell like hot cakes
En xx

Jenners said...

All of those look amazing!! When are you opening your Etsy shop?

Angela said...

Well look at crafty lady you!! Love the paper ribbon wreath I think you should post pics of the others WITH instructions!! Do you sleep?

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