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Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend update: What did you accomplish?

Hip, Hip, Hooray! My son's invitation are finally done! I was really procrastinating on these. The party is on the 17th! If I want anyone to come, I really need to distribute them.
I also managed to grocery shop and go to target and get some laundry done. I even went to Michael's and spent less than $25 to get ready for my scrapbook weekend. This probably means that I already have too much stuff. LOL
Soccer was foggy, but not as cold as last week. The Catholic team was unsportsmanlike. That's all I'm going to say about that. Infer what you want to infer from that comment.
I have to share what happened at swim lessons with you as I was complete infuriated and nearly killed that slow talking bitch of a teacher.
Usually the kids swim from the shallow end to the deep end and then back to the shallow end with the teacher along side of them. This allows for them to remain in the shallow end and return to the shallow end.
For some unknown reason Slow talking bitch decided to tell them to stay in the deep end while she went all the way back to the shallow end to get the next swimmer. My son misunderstood and started to swim back to the shallow end. The teacher was no where near him.
He is in level three. He can swim somewhat, but he still panics very easily. He is now about 10 feet from the back wall and 30 feet from his teacher who is already in the shallow end oblivious to the fact that he is treading water in 12 foot.
I yell from the balcony to him and tell him to swim to the side. He can't. He is in a full panic. As you know, I have a serious fear of my kids drowning. I'm about to jump off the balcony. I yell to the other instructor who is in the deed end on the other side of the pool and thankfully she swims over to him and puts him on the side.
He was close to tears but I'm proud to say that he got back in the water.
Slow talking bitch never once asked if he was okay. Never once showed any emotion about the entire incident.
After the class I went up to her and asked her if she was aware of what happened as she was oblivious to everything and was in the shallow end and she said, "He didn't listen to the directions."
WTF! He didn't listen to the directions.
Oh, I must not have read the small print where it says you can let him drown if he doesn't follow the directions.
I have a call into her boss and my little man will no longer be swimming her Slow talkers class.

9 random thoughts:

Steven Anthony said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww little man....big people can be such jerks! ;)

septembermom said...

She was so negligent!!! I would have been really ticked off too. You must have been scared. That instructor should be reprimanded and possibly fired over that incident.

septembermom said...

The invitations are cute too!

Scattered Scrapper said...

This is soooo disturbing! Wow, I guess I have been mislead all these years. I thought that swim lessons are to teach children how to SWIM. This is just another example of a grown up (and I use the word lightly in her case) that blames everyone else for their mistakes and short-comings. You pay her salary! She should have been falling all over herself to apologize. I am glad you little man is okay. How brave of him to get back in the water. She should be fired.

SparkleFarkle said...

The party invitations are delightful-- I'm glad to know the Tom and Jerry beat still goes on!

Enfys said...

Great party invites Wendy, I was wondering the other day when the big Tom and Jerry fest was going to be. As for the swimming -for once words fail me. I would complain to the head of the school.
En xx

Jenners said...

Oh my god ... those invitations are absolutely adorable! I love them!

And that swim teacher needs to find a new job! Seriously, not good. That is the exact kind of thing you don't want to have happen ... it could make him even more scared and panicky.

Becca said...

OMG!!! I cannot believe that! I would have gone crazy on that woman. Especially after she said that he didn't listen to directions. She should definitely get into some major trouble for doing that!

on a brighter note, glad you got so much done this past weekend. The invitations look really good!

Rach said...

That would of pissed me off too! I almost drowned in swimming lessons when I was little for about the same thing. I was Griffy's age. My mom was up above watching and I panicked and went under. I remember it. It was so scary. Mom never took me back there either. She was not happy. That is the whole reason you have your kids in you can teach them how to swim. Moron@@

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