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Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Update: birthdays, bike rides and non-stop fun

This was one of those busy summer weekends that we long for throughout the winter months. My FIL celebrated his birthday with us. I made a German Chocolate cake, which my son thought was the most disgusting thing he ever saw.

Our friends from Ohio came to visit for a night on their way to Connecticut. It was so great to see them. It has been too long. We went to the park and took the kids bike riding. That was fun, but sooo hot. It finally felt like July

Here's oldest sporting her new ride from her birthday in February. She is still a little nervous about these big new wheels. Once she forgets about the fact that she is riding her new bike she is fine, but still a little wobbly.

Here's little G on the playground. He, too, was riding his bike, but since he is the only one with training wheels he can't keep up and this makes him highly irritated. I think it may be time for him to try a little two wheelin'..

Here's middle daughter pretending to be a little angel. Don't let that smile fool you; she can drop you faster than a cheetah can pounce. Plus, she's the middle child and an expert on the fairness and unfairness of life. I think she may become a public defender.

What did you do this weekend?

4 random thoughts:

angie said...

Sounds like your weekend was way more fun that mine....loved reading about child number 3! :)

Jenners said...

Is German chocolate cake the kind with the coconut? Ewwwwwwwww...I agree with your son!!

And I think my son has a finely developed sense of justice too -- and he doesn't even have a sibling!!

septembermom said...

My middle child (or children, I guess) thinks he is the barometer of fairness in my house too. Great photos! Love bike riding. Looks like a fun weekend. We were at the pool as usual. Overall, a good time.

Becca said...

Those are great photos! Them kids are so cute! You cracked me up talking about your middle one!

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