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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost Recap - The Variable

Tonight was the 100th episode of LOST and I was looking forward to it all day long.  I hurriedly got my children home from my son's t-ball practice, put them in pajamas, had the brush their teeth and quickly put them to bed. 
As promised by the teasers, we were going to learn more about Daniel Faraday.  Is there anyone out there that doesn't just love Dan?

It was hardly what I would call "surprising" to learn that Daniel and his mother, Elosie Hawkins, had a rocky relationship.  She is quite odd, she spent a lot of time on the island and she seems obsessed about knowing it's location at all times.
We did learn near the end that Charles Whitmore is Danny's dad.  Again, I wouldn't call that surprising.
Thankfully, Desmond survived his most recent run-in with Ben; that little Charlie is so stinking cute.  Creeped me out a little that Hawkins showed up at the hospital.
Curious that Whitmore didn't go into see Penny.  He's always seemed so desperate to know where she is and to see his grandson.  I would think he would pounce on Penny's weakness and offer his support.  But alas, he remained an absentee parent, which as of late has become a Lost theme.
Tell me this, is Daniel really dead?  Did Eloise know that she would kill him if he went back?  Yet she encourage him to return?  Why?
I'm not sure what to make of the square that is yummy Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Juliet relationship.  It was obvious that Juliet was pissed when Sawyer called Kate freckles.  I pretty sure she couldn't spit that code out fast enough.  Honestly, I think I'm so sick of these four and their dynamics that I'd rather the writers remember some other island dwellers.
Here's my top 5 where are you now list:
Rose, Bernard, Claire, Sayid, and Sun...and if we are going to have any flashback from the dead can we see Eko and maybe even Boone (simply because he was serious eye candy).
I ask this too much to ask?

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