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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whose that baby?

Like usual, LOST was hurting my brain last night.

I didn't count, but I'm pretty sure we jumped forward three years, back three years and forward three year all within the first 10 minutes.  Was that really necessary?

Juliet and Sawyer?  This is harder for me to get my head around than the time travel.  Personally, it would be easier for me to believe she was banging Daniel.

And who is that baby?  I know someone out there knows and has this entire thing figured out, but I'm getting a nose bleed trying just thinking about it.

The last time I remember seeing Horace, he was in the jungle telling John how to find Jacob;  I think he was cutting down a tree repeatedly and he told John he had been dead for 12 years. 

Also, Horace and his wife were the unlucky couple flagged down by the Linuses after giving birth in the woods.  Basically, other than immediate family, Horace was the first person to see baby Ben alive and drove his dying mother to the hospital.

Who knew he be back with even more speaking parts.

Did you notice not one of my questions from yesterday's post were answered?  If anything I have even more questions.  Anyone wondering where Rose and Bernard and the rest of the original plane crash memebers are now?  Are they part of Richard's group?  I hope not!

Will Daniel warn Charolette like she remembers him doing or will he try to change history?  Isn't he the one always preaching that if it happened it will happen.

Is everyone on the island now in the 1970s?  What about Locke and the new crew?

Where is Sun!  How do a bunch of Dharma ninnies capture Sayid (as indicated by the previews)?

Most importantly. Why. Do. I. Have. To. Wait. Two. Weeks. for. The. Next. Episode?  I'm boycotting whatever ABC puts in that time slot.

3 random thoughts:

Enfys said...

I can't answer a single question, I gave up on lost about episode 3 of the first series, and reading your post makes me so convinced that I made a very wise decision.
Enfys xx

Jenny Girl said...

wow! I completely forgot all that stuff about Horace. I knew he looked familiar, but couldn't quite remember. Whi is that baby? You raise some good questions.

Heather J. said...

Yeah, I can't believe the Two Week Wait either ... AAAHHH! What am I going to do without my LOST fix?! ~LOL~

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