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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tribute - my 300th post

Today is Tuesday's Tribute over at Halftime Lessons. The idea is to write a post as a tribute to someone or something. Mr. Linky is up over there...why aren't you playing along?

Today is my 300th post and I feel like I should have something witty and funny to write about, but I really don't.

Today's post is all about my middle daughter.

She is the sledder in the back with her mouth hanging open.

She is almost 8; she is loud and sometimes opinionated. She missed me the most when I was away this weekend. She loves to read, she likes to wear all one color. She can be easily frustrated, but will be the first to come to your defense. She fits into just about every cliche you have ever heard about a middle child.

Last Tuesday I took her to the pediatricians to be tested for diabetes. It runs in our family. My 8 year old nephew has it. My dad has had issues with blood sugar in the past. My sister is hypoglycemic and I probably am somewhat too.

Middle daughter is not diabetic. She is reactively hypoglycemic. I'm not really sure what all that means. This is what I do know.

  • She needs to eat frequently or she turns into emotional goo;

  • Protein rich snacks are the best choice;

  • This is something she may grow out of;

  • Getting "permission" for your kid to have a snack in the middle of the day at school isn't as easy as it should be;

  • After just one week of following more of a routine, I'm noticing a big difference.

5 random thoughts:

Megan said...

Hey, Wendy. My mom and I are both reactively hypglycemic. She was tested for it when she was younger. We never tested me for it because I have all they symptoms she has. I always make sure I have protein-rich snacks at all times. And those closest to me know that when I say "I need to eat something," I'm serious.

Amanda said...

My dad is a middle child and he for sure fits all of those traits as well!

Glad to hear that she is feeling healthy thanks to her new routine!

Kacie said...

interesting - what are the symptoms? I've always had borderline blood-sugar issues.

InkHearts said...

Wen, so glad to hear that she does not have JD. My mom and I are both somewhat hypoglycemic, so I know what you mean about the protein rich snacking! PB rocks!


word of the day: lipsaci, which as every aging starlet knows, is when you get too much collagen injected into your lips and look like you kissed a blowfish!

Jenners said...

Holy Moly! 300 posts! That's amazing. I haven't even hit 100 yet!

And I totally relate -- I am the exact same way. I can't miss a meal or a snack or I fall apart. You really do need to manage it ... I'm not sure it goes away.

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