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Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Update -- Hockey, The Superbowl and uncookable wings

This weekend was one big blur, but surprisingly I managed to accomplish quite a few things.  Including losing most of my voice the last three minutes of the superbowl because I was screaming like an extra in a horror flick.

My beloved Steelers tried to loose the game.  They did everything in their power to give the Arizona Cardinals the coveted title and trophey.  Thankfully in the last 35 seconds they took it back.  OH YEAH!  Superbowl Champs.  That's right...Here we go...Steelers.  Here we go!!!!

'Nuf of that...on to what I accomplished:

As stated on Friday, my daughters are pigs and I'm not sure where they get this from.  My husband and I do not leave random used tissues throughout our room, we do not eat part of a poptart and leave the rest on our dresser...I really wanted to lock them in their room this weekend and make scrub the room from head to toe!

I helped them, but they did do a good bit of it themselves. We went through the toybox, we went through the books in the closet and we picked up the crap stuff on the floor.

I made a couple valentines, one Easter card and finished my daughter's inviations.

These are my daughter's invitations.  I will post the valentines and the Easter card later this week.  The inside is cute.  It annouces her magical sleepover and it it signed by Professor McGonagal from the movie.  She really like it and she helped make it.

I didn't make anything for my son's teachers, but I did stain my craft room shelves.

On Saturday evening we took the kids to a hockey game and they had a lot of fun and then yesterday we had a superbowl party with a bunch of our friends.  My husband made almost 50 wings in his new deep fryer, but the oil just wouldn't get hot and they didn't get done until after 11 p.m.  Any guess what we had for supper tonight?

The kids (and the parents) are still tired and no one wanted to get up today for school or for work.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let me know what you accomplished.

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InkHearts said...

Uncookable wings, yikes! Can you say...salmonella? LOL Hope you had fun, my Sunday was blissfully football-free!heheehe
My word is "addil" which is either a blackmarket version of a non-steroidal pain medication, or an illness people contract during tax season!

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