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Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Updated

On Friday, we brought Copper home from the SPCA. The kids plum tuckered him out because he slept like a little angel that night. The rest of the weekend he cried like a newborn baby every time we put him in the crate. Hubby tells me this will improve.
On Saturday, my son woke up with the stomach flu. Kids are not yet programed to avoid food while suffering from the stomach flu. My son is especially guilty of this.

He will throw up and then ask if he can have a scrambled egg and strawberry flavored milk. Just thinking about that makes me nauseated.
Out of all my children, my son, by far, is the most easy going. He jumps up off the couch, goes to the bathroom to throw up and then lies back down. The girls on the other hand pull out the three Ws. They whine, they wail and sometimes they even whimper. It is all very pathetic.
Wait, before you pull that gender card out of your pocket, let me just say that I have plenty of friends with sons who can out wail my daughters anytime so I'm inclined to believe personality plays a dominate role in this. Feel free to argue if you must.

After grocery shopping on Saturday, I finally got my tree down. Since overdosing on Christmas, it feels great to have my living room back.

Sunday brought the family to yet another church. After attending the same church for over 2 years we've decided to see if we could find a better fit for our family. So far we haven't had much luck. Of course, there is always next week.

After a relatively quite weekend, school started back up today. Can you hear the hallelujah chorus?

2 random thoughts:

MaryNSC said...

U always crack me UP!!!
I am sorry the Little one is sick.. That stuff is going around here too They had to Quarteen The nursing home my sister works at.. I know that is not how U spell it but I AINT LOOKIING it up it too late..LOLOLOL Edit it for me ...LOLOLOL
I have been lucky so far ... I am the only one I know that has not got in our Group..YIPIEEE
Hooter sick with the Carolina Crud.. He so pitiful..OOO back to the story.
If U put me in a crate I would cry too..
Put that Puppy in your bed and go to sleep.. HAHAHHAHA

Andy said...

Copper is one good looking dog...

I think you should have a wailing contest.

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