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Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend Update...I should be in the movie four Christmases

Raise your hand if you are just a little bit Christmas'd out!

WOW...I am so Christmas'd out it is not even funny. After spending the last three days without Internet access except for useless dial-up I'm also going through a little on-line access withdrawal.

We've been celebrating Christmas since the middle of the month starting with my dad's extended family and then celebrating with my mom and her husband last weekend, we topped things off by spending three days at my husband's parents house.

We had Christmas with in-laws (above is my father-in-law opening his socks) and then we had Christmas with my dad and his wife and then we had Christmas with my Grandma. I don't want to see my kids open another present for a very long time.
Seriously, how am I supposed to scrapbook that much Christmas. It's boring even to me. LOL Currently, my house looks like Toys R Us exploded in it and unfortunately the kids have not forgotten that they each have $20 gift cards. UGH.

Here's a picture of me, the kids and my grandma. I just got my hair chopped off and can't decide if I like it or not. Below is a picture of my family with my dad and his wife.

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Jenners said...

That does sound like too many Christmases to me!

We took the tree down on the 26th because we just needed it to be over and now my son is finally getting the sleep he needed now that Christmas and all the excitement is over.

I like your hair but don't think I know what it looked like before.

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