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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spongebobish kind of Sunday

Today we celebrated my MIL's birthday (which was actually last week). She lives about three hours away and this was the first opportunity we had to eat cake.

She is 68 and has no idea who Spongebob is, so I guess you are wondering about that cake, right.

Earlier this week, my seven year old was talking to her on the phone and it was her job to ask her what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday.

I heard a lot of laughing and cackling and my daughter saying, "Okay, my mommy will make you a spongebob cake. Lemon flavored."

Turns out she said Sponge cake and my daughter just added the bob.

Oh well. I think he turned out pretty cute seeing that 1) I had no pattern; 2) I made him on the spur of the moment with just the icing colors I already had; and 3) he really is lemon flavored.

Pictures supposedly speak 1000 words but I think this one may actually speak more. Happy birthday, Grammie G. from all of your grandbabies!

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Enfys said...

This made me smile, a lovely happy monday morning story. Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes.

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