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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My girls have a new do

My daughters love to go and get their hair cut. They really look forward to it and they put a lot of thought into just how they are going to get their hair done. It is kind of funny to me because most of the time I can't get them to brush their hair without a fight, but say "Who wants a haircut?" and they jump right up. Sunday was no different. As soon as I mentioned that it was a possibility they started drawing potential hair styles.

Middle G, above, decided that she was going short and getting bangs. I don't think she's ever had bangs, at least not recently enough for me to remember. She was glowing in the salon chair and admiring her look before she was even finished. I'm pretty sure she continued to smile and brush her hair for the next three hours.

Big G, my oldest and the one who resembles me the most, also has my unruly, wavy and uber thick hair. She told the stylist that she wanted it much shorter in the back than in the front and low and behold this is a really good style for her type of hair. Who knew? Not, I. You can't see the back in this picture (I really should have taken one) but is is really cute.

Both of the girls are totally excited about their new looks and encouraged me to cut off a lot of mine and to bring back the bangs I grew out more than two years ago. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a new one of me.

One things for sure, I won't look nearly as cute as these two.

2 random thoughts:

MaryNSC said...

They are so PRETTY!!!!!
They are growing up so FAST!!

all4sydney said...

Your girls are beautiful!!

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