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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Write Tuesday #23

Dear littlest G,

Do you come up with new ways to terrify your mom everyday? Do you wake up and think..."What can I do today that will make my mommy freak?" On Saturday, you tripped and whacked your head on the molding along our staircase. I tried to circle the lump in the picture. Click on it to see a larger version. It swelled up immediately and it looked like you had a bouncy ball growing out of your skull.

Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, "Wake him up every three hours from bed." He also said a little Tylenol wouldn't kidding. Really? *** PLEASE NOTE: this sentence is laced with sarcasm***

So I woke you up and you didn't like it. At one point you said, "Mommy, I'm tryin' to sleep here." That made me feel you didn't do too much damage to your brain. After all, the ability to be sarcastic in our family is, most definitely, a dominate trait. See above.

Needless to say, we were both pretty cranky on Sunday, but we muddled through. You still have a lump. Said doctor told me it may be there for a week or more and slowly become a faded black and blue memory.

My question to you is...will you wait till it is entirely gone before you think up your next trick?

2 random thoughts:

the Daily Scrapper said...

Didn't you know kids were made to scare the heck out of parents on a daily basis. Sometimes we know why we are scared and sometimes we don't. At least this day you knew why. Glad you guys are fine. Hugs to the rattled mommy.

Mama said...

Oh, I know those bumps! They pulse and grow and appear to be breathing -- Firstborn has had some that I thought I was going to have to name! I HATE head bumps. At least you know that I am over here living that life of fearing the next trauma as well! He sure is a cutie, though. Makes up for it a little bit, huh? ;)

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