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Friday, August 22, 2008


Thanks so much for all the kind words about my Tuesday post. He didn't even acknowledge me at the meeting on Tuesday. Hopefully he'll have forgotten all about it by the time the next meeting rolls around.

I'm busy today making some candy for a craft show I'm going to do tomorrow. It is just a itty bitty one and I love the little ol' lady who organizes it. The girls and I usually go for the morning and we have a really good time.

Hopefully, we'll sell a few cards and some gift boxes. I made some homemade chocolates and some pretzel dipped in chocolate. I'm crossing my fingers that they don't melt tomorrow. LOL

If I can a chance I'll post some pictures.

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MaryNSC said...

YEA I M glad he did not bother u.. But Now U done made me HUNGRY!!!;o)

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