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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Write Tuesday #5

"R u going?"
Sara sat staring at the text message. Was she going? Could she handle facing all of those people from high school.
Could it really be 15 years? Fifteen years since those days of dread. Oh how she had hated high school. Nothing but mean girls and lying boys. She was certain that her experience there had left her scared for life.
"Maybe I should just go and get it over with," she said out loud, although no one was in the office with her. "Face my fear by looking it straight in the eye."
Sara spent alot of time alone with her thoughts, often in this very room. Working from home and letting life pass her by. Maybe she should go. She always wondered what had happened to him; she'd always wondered if she should have told him.
Reflecting on the choices she made over the course of the last decade and a half were giving her a eadache. Some of those were, indeed, life changing. But is going to your high school reunion really one of those life changing choices?
It could be. Especially, if Michael is there.
What was holding her back. Was it all those memories of heartache and pain? Was the future she had imagined he'd had better than the reality? Was he married? Did he have children? Was knowing better than not?
Sara couldn't bring herself to answer the text and she knew that Dilan wasn't going to let it be. She had been trying to get her mom to find out all of those answers ever since Sara broke down and told her the truth.
The truth. What was the truth? She had a version. She was sure Michael had a version as well. But one thing was very clear, her version wasn't even close to his.

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