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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

$$ If I had $100 Million Dollars $$

Today at work we were all dreaming of millions and laughing about what we would do with all that money.  I thought it might make for an interesting blog post.

If I had 100 million dollars I would...

  • Pay off my debt.  First and foremost, I would pay off all of my debt.  I would write a check for my house, I would bring cash into the bank and payoff my van.  (How much fun would that be?)  I would pay off my families debts too.
  • New Car.  I would get a new car or truck for my husband.  He always seems to be driving the older of our two vehicles and I'm sure he'd rather have something a little more "show-off" worthy.
  • Donations.  I would make a significant donation towards diabetic research.
  • Publish my book.  I'd publish my own book and I'd buy a bunch of copies of it.
  • Tips.  I have always wanted to give an exuberant amount as a tip to a tired, well-deserving waitress.  I would definitely do that.
  • Work.  I think I'd be bored if I didn't do something during the day.  I'm not sure I'd continue working as a lunch lady, but I'm not sure I wouldn't either.  I enjoy writing for the paper, so I'm not sure I'd quit doing that either.
  • Playground.  I would put a playground in at both the elementary I work at and the intermediate my girls attend.  It would be a fantastic, imaginative area filled with age appropriate play. 
  • Travel.  I've always wanted to visit Australia.  Plus I'm dying to take oldest to Harry Potter World.  Those two places would be first on the list.
  • Beach House.  I'd buy a house near the beach and whenever my friends could get away we would never have to worry about the cost of renting again.
If you had $100 Million dollars, what would you do?

7 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

move to paris and study cooking...and buy lots of shoes ;)

Dan said...

Pay off everything, play a lot more golf, and buy even more books every week.

Kristie Maynard said...

I'd pay off our debts first. Then I would love to buy a place that could be made into a scrapbooking retreat. The place I go to scrap is in a church that is slated to close at the end of the year, so buying that building and renovating would be wonderful. Or maybe one of the old schools in the area that are up for sale and convert it.
I would also like to buy the house next to ours that is up for sale, renovate that, and somehow connect it to ours, it would make a great place to house our business and have out of town artist stay when they come to town.
Oh I have some big ideas, wish it could really happen.

Jenners said...

No debt for me or my family, vacation home, books, chocolate and help for kids who need a hand in life.

unknown said...

I will thank God first, give 90% to help His work, and 10% I intend to use for my family's ease of living, especially my parents. They deserve a happy. comfortable, and luxurious life no? :) :D First thing I will do is to send them off a a 115-days world cruise trip :D

Compendious English said...

I will be thanking God first, I will help others, I will wisely enjoy it.

Compendious English said...

I will be thanking God first, I will help others and I will wisely enjoy it.

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