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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Galloping Horse Exploding Box

I found this exploding box kit at the CK Scrapbook convention. LOVE IT! It is from Galloping Horse and I think they have a website. It came with emblishments that I haven't put on yet. I may cut a Mickey for the top of it and print out some Disney pics for the inside. I'm having problems with my photo printing program. UGH. I hate that. Thanks for looking.

5 random thoughts:

MaryNSC said...

GOSH I really like these.. I have made one But not with all the flaps I want to But it scares me..LOLOL
this one is so BEAUTIFUL!!
Maybe I will break down and give it a try...

Tonya said...

Very nice! I like that pp! TFS

MissouriScrapper said...

how in the world did you make this.. i wanna try it.. do you have the instructions..

I have nominated you for the brillant blog award please check out my site for information about the award and to add the award to your site
The reason i have nominated your site is cause your site gives me and many other scrapbookers and card makers alot of ideas and i like the fact that you love your
bugs as much as i love my baby bugs
Hugs Donna

Marion said...

I love making exploding boxes, although I've got separate list on each layer of mine. Not recommended because it's a lot of extra work lol! This looks great!

MaryNSC said...

I done it!! Thank UUUUU
go here and LOOKIE!!

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