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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Raising Hope: A recap

It has been a long time since I've re-caped anything on television.  I spent a lot time over the last few years writing recaps of LOST and since the big finale last May, I haven't recapped a thing.

Raising Hope is a new comedy on FOX.  I have seen all four episodes and they are snort out loud, gut wrenching funny. 

Here's the premise.

Jimmy is a dorky young adult who lives with his maw maw, his dad and his mom.  Maw Maw is off her rocker and is often half naked and thinks Jimmy is her dead husband.  In the pilot, Jimmy leaves the house to fetch some ice cream, ends up picking up some chick and gets a little lucky.

Turns out the girl is a serial killer and when she gives birth to Jimmy's baby on death row, Jimmy ends up with Hope, formerly known as Princess Beyonce.

Mom spends most of the first episode encourage Jimmy to drop the baby off at the fire department.

In this weeks episode, mom is reliving all of the terrible family photos they have had over the years.  Anyone who has ever been forced into a picture they didn't want to have taken can relate to this episode.

At once point, I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.

If you watch this episode, you gonna wanna watch'em all.

Best new comedy of 2010!   Let me know if you agree.

4 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

seriously one of my fav new shows...very sweet, heartwarming and funny....LUV IT!

Anonymous said...

I thought last nights episode about the family pics was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I think that your blog is great and that is why I am giving you this award :)

Thanks for all you do to make the blogging community a great place to spend some time!!!

Jenners said...

I never even HEARD of this but it sounds bizarre in a very good way.

And my "new" find for the TV season is "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" on the IFC channel. Mr. Jenners found it and it is pretty darn funny.

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