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Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend update

This  weekend we spent part of it recooperating and the rest of it relaxing. 

I wish I could tell you that the recouperating was from a wild party where we spent too much time dancing and drinking but alas middle G got the dreaded stomach flu.  Ugh.   She spent the entire day on Friday upchucking and crying, "Why is this happening to me."

It was simply pathetic.

Saturday she was good as new.  Kids are so resilient.

I did a little crafting.  Here are some cards I made.  After organizing my oodles of paper I also did a little bit of scrapbooking.

This is a new stamp my mom got me for Christmas.  Isn't she the cutest little ladybug ever???  I love her! 

My friend Becky bought me this stamp so I used it to make a Thank you card for her.  I was happy with the way it turned out though the stitching was a little whacked.  My sewing machine wasn't cooperating.

On a side note, my son has yet another new swim teacher and this one decide after having him in class for 1/2 hour that he was in the wrong level.  This was shortly after the holiday break.  But after the second class, she was adamant that he be moved to a lower level and said she can't believe any of their instructors moved him up. 

"He doesn't even know how to do the elementary backstroke."

**Gasp**  Stop the presses!  Front page six year old son can't do the elementary backstroke!  I should be ashamed.

Do you think I should tell his new teacher that he can't tie his shoes either?  I'm afraid if I do that she'll move him back even further.

7 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I adore the lady bug, reminds me of my mom...she always called me her love bug, so I always bought her lady bug stuff, after she died I found that she had kept every single thing...tons and tons of lady bugs everywhere;)

Unknown said...

I can do the backstroke, can I get moved up?

Sorry to hear about your shingles - I finally went with the Corning 50 year carbon fiber beasts that are screwed on and haven't looked back. We were having to redo the roof every couple of years due to wind and hail before that. Expensive, but cheaper over the long term.

septembermom said...

Glad to hear that middle G feels better. Those are very cute cards. Love the ladybug.

What is with these swim instructors? What do they think that they are training 6 year olds for the Olympics?

Jenners said...

Jeez ... what is it with you and swim teachers? You have some kind of curse or something. And I had no idea you could sew on paper.

Becca said...

LOVE the ladybug! The cards turned out super adorable! Glad to hear that Middle G is all better. Where do you guys find these swim instructors at? They sound like they are all so serious!

Enfys said...

Fab cards, love that ladybug, very funky. Hope middle G is better now. As for the swimming instructor - well of course SHE was swimming a mile in advanced back stroke at the age of six, that's why she's teaching elementary children instead of training for the olympics.

Janis Lewis said...

Great cards. Always entertaining family stories. You make me smile. :)

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